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In the Yoast SEO General settings, click on the 'Features' tab. Click the question mark for the XML Sitemap feature. Then, click 'See the XML sitemap.' Limit the number of sitemap entries. You can limit the number of sitemap entries by using the filter wpseo_sitemap_entries_per_page. Here follows example code to limit the max entries to 100 Yoast SEO automatically creates a sitemap for your website. It's your job to customize it so that it includes a URL for each page you want to have a chance of appearing in the search results. You'll want to exclude any URLs that point to pages with The Yoast SEO plugin generates a sitemap of your site. It is a crucial feature of the plugin and it helps search engines find and crawl your pages. The sitemap index includes links to a variety of sub-sitemaps for posts, pages, authors, categories, tags, and other taxonomies. In Yoast SEO, you can customize the sitemap index, and choose what you.

Wij gebruiken Yoast SEO om deze sitemaps automatisch te laten aanmaken. Wanneer wij een nieuw artikel of een nieuwe pagina publiceren dan zal de Yoast SEO-plugin er automatisch voor zorgen dat deze URL wordt toegevoegd aan onze sitemap. Naast het laten aanmaken van deze sitemaps, dien je je website ook aan te melden bij Google Search Console Simple bash script for extract yoast sitemap.xml to a URL list. Copy save to extract_yoast_sitemap.s How to create Yoast SEO sitemap? It's very easy to create a Yoast SEO sitemap on self-hosted WordPress websites. For this, all you have to do, install and activate Yoast SEO on your WordPress website. Step 1: Install and Activate Yoast SEO. For installing Yoast SEO plugin, you need to go to. Plugins > Add New; Search Yoast SEO on Search Bo The sitemap uses the same protocol as the WordPress Site URL. Go to Admin > Settings > General and change the site URLs to the correct protocol. If you have recently switched your URL format, you may have incorrectly formatted URLs in your database. Please backup your database and complete a search and replace of the old to new format

Whilst Yoast SEO provides sensible default behaviors for XML sitemaps (and UI controls for inclusion/exclusion), custom themes or plugins sometimes need to alter our markup or logic. In those cases, you can use the examples below to modify how our sitemaps are generated and output Indexpagina van een XML-sitemap, gemaakt met Yoast SEO. Als je doorklikt naar een van deze sitemaps, krijg je een overzicht van alle URL's die onder die sitemap vallen. Zo krijgt Googlebot inzicht in de structuur van de website How to Create a Sitemap for Free with the Yoast SEO Plugin. Now that we know what sitemaps do and why they're important for your website, we're going to create a Sitemap using our favorite WordPress Sitemap plugin, Yoast. 1. Download the Yoast SEO plugin. A. From your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add New Yoast will automatically create a sitemap for your pages and posts. Once you've created a sitemap for your site, you'll want to submit the sitemap.xml URL to Google Webmaster Tools. Doing this makes Google aware of your site and will get your site indexed as soon as possible

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  1. As far as I know from my search results on Internet, yoast plugin itself doesn't have such option/feature for changing generated sitemap url, how can I change this url to a customized one programmatically
  2. I basically want to add such urls to my existing sitemap index. I'm currently using WP SEO by yoast, but I'm open to trying out alternative plugins. My urls are currently like this... e.g www.mys..
  3. I have submitted many times sitemap by Yoast seo plugin and manually both. but my sitemap not discover any url and last read May 14. Apart of these my any url not index in search console but index show in during test live url. https://mygyanguide.com/sitemap.xml
  4. You'll want to find your XML sitemap for your website to check that you have one, check that it is valid, and then submit the URL to search engines. Best practice is to put the sitemap file in the root folder of the domain. e.g. https://writemaps.com/sitemap.xml. But it can be kept anywhere, even on another domain

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  1. How to Submit Yoast Sitemap to Google. To submit our Yoast sitemap to Google we need to have the URL of our newly customized sitemap and we need to have our site verified with Google Search Console. Then, we simply click on the Sitemaps section within Search Console, enter the URL for our XML sitemap, and hit the Submit button
  2. The default Sitemap of a WordPress site can be accessed with the URL http://yoursite.com/sitemap.xml. But Yoast plugin does not create sitemap.xml file instead it dynamically creates Sitemap index file. The index file can be accessed with the URL http://yoursite.com/sitemap_index.xml
  3. d, to find a real reason to remove links from Yoast sitemap and then decide whether you should remove it or keep it
  4. The mission of Yoast is SEO for Everyone. We want to give everyone the opportunity to rank in the search engines. Our SEO plugin, blog posts, and online courses should enable both large companies.

Note #1: if you closed the sitemap window in your browser, perform Step 11) from the How do you create a sitemap in Yoast SEO and open your sitemap again. Copy the sitemap URL. Important: just to be sure, do not copy the URL from this screenshot because this is the sitemap URL of my website. You need the sitemap URL of 'your' website For some very strange reason, the YOAST SEO sitemap repeatedly contains product page links with uncategorized URLs. It seems that those links are in the sitemap temporarily only and vanish after a few hours (max). However, in many instances Google has often already indexed those uncategorized URLs Wir verwenden Yoast SEO, um diese Sitemaps automatisch erstellen zu lassen. Wenn wir einen neuen Artikel oder eine neue Seite veröffentlichen, stellt das Yoast SEO-Plugin automatisch sicher, dass diese URL an die Sitemap hinzugefügt wird. Neben der Erstellung dieser Sitemaps müssen Sie Ihre Website auch bei der Google Search Console registrieren

Yoast sitemap is showing language URLs that are not existing on the site. Solution: This was caused by a custom language that was removed in the past. To solve the issue, you can do the following. 1. Recreate the custom language again. Use the following values: Code: us Default locale: US_us hreflang: us_us. 2. Once the language is set up, delete it The Yoast SEO plugin sets the limit even lower - at 1.000 URLs - to keep your sitemap loading as fast as possible. What websites need an XML sitemap? Google's documentation says sitemaps are beneficial for really large websites, for websites with large archives, for new websites with just a few external links to it, and for websites which use rich media content I am using Yoast SEO plugin and whenever I try to upload my sitemap on Google search console. The normal sitemap URL should be sitemap.xml . The page I need help with: [log in to see the link] Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total) Plugin Support devnihil (@devnihil XML Sitemaps - Functional specification. Any page which the user wishes to be discovered and indexed by search engines should be listed in an XML sitemap. An individual XML sitemap should be constructed for each content type. Large sitemaps may be split into individual, paginated files. Each XML sitemap should be listed within an XML sitemap index

Yoast SEO for Wordpress is one of the most popular plugins with more than 5 million active installed. Yoast helps you with General SEO, Titles, Metas, Social tags, XML Sitemaps, etc.. If you are using this plugin and access sitemap, you will notice default frequency is weekly for a single post and the home page is daily I'm trying to update the latest sitemap to Google but when i look at the sitemap Yoast has created, it lists around 20 sitemaps most of which are dated. How do I delete all the previous entries so as not to confuse Google. Google is listing a lot of older URLs that are no longer available. Any guidance will be appreciated Yoast Sitemap Color Coding Query. can anyone help me on this, when you click on this sitemap link of mine. 3 url are in lighter gray color while rest are bit darker, what does that mean, I am asking coz my main page which I want google to index appears in lighter gray tone and out of 984 url in it, negligible numbers (30 exactly) siimes to be.

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  1. 1 | Install Yoast SEO. The easiest way to create a sitemap in WordPress is using a plugin, and although there are a lot of sitemap plugins out there to choose from I highly recommend that you use Yoast SEO. Yes, Yoast is an SEO plugin, but it has many other amazing features, including the ability to create a sitemap
  2. Customize Yoast SEO sitemap index. 1) BEFORE doing 301 redirects: Locate your old site's XML sitemap URL address. If you have multiple sitemaps, get all of those individual URLs together in a list. Moving from OldDomain.com > NewDomain.com
  3. Even the Yoast site didn't suggest the simplest possible solution on how to fix a blank xml sitemap. The XML Sitemap URL Doesn't Redirect the Format. First of all, just because your XML sitemap link is available in Yoast doesn't mean it's correct. That link may be the reason for your blank XML sitemap
  4. i can go to the sitemap_index.xml page. if feel like this is being blocked by the .htaccess but i cant seem to find what is blocking it. here is my.htaccess file
  5. Filters and example code for Yoast SEO sitemaps. * This code adds two external sitemaps and must be modified before using. with your external sitemap URL. with the time and date your external sitemap was last updated. * If you have more/less sitemaps, add/remove the additional section
  6. Wordpress yoast seo plugin, generate custom sitemap for custom URLS - yoast-seo-sitemap.php. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign up Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. mohandere / yoast-seo-sitemap.php. Last active Aug 20, 2020

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To change the canonical URL that Yoast SEO generated for a URL programmatically, you can use the wpseo_canonical filter.. Change the canonical URL#. For example, the following code would change the canonical on a page with ID 12345 Luckily, a Yoast SEO sitemap can simply be edited within the plugin, to include or exclude the content of your choice. To do that, navigate to Search Appearance in your Yoast settings panel. Check out the XML sitemap index and review the content included here the urls witjh nl/blog-en/ are back (or still in) in hidden link. why is that sitemap on that language URL anyway? hidden link. I mean the post-sitemap.xml on hidden link is oke hidden link is filled with bad URLS (tha last one is not in the main sitemap on hidden link but Google could find the sitemap on hidden link anyway. Should I make a 301. Each XML sitemap has a limit of 50,000 URLs. If your website has a lot of content, you can create individual sitemaps for similar content along with the main sitemap. Include the URLs of individual sitemaps in the main XML sitemap. Or you could just submit multiple sitemaps to Google's Search Console

Wenn Sie die Google Search Console nutzen und sicherstellen möchten, dass auch alle Ihre Seiten indexiert werden, können Sie ganz einfach die Yoast XML Sitemap einfügen.. In den meisten Fällen, findet Google die Yoast Sitemap selber und hinterlegt Sie in der Search Console, wir zeigen Ihnen aber hier trotzdem einmal, wie Sie das ganze selber machen können Bugje in Yoast, ga naar je yoast plugin > xml sitemaps > zet hem uit en aan. en je heb je sitemaps terug! 3. Yoast compleet uitschakelen in je plugins daarna weer inschakelen Punt 2 is waarschijnlijk de oplossing succes! 23-02-2017, 22:25 #5. zelfde URL. domein.nl/sitemap_index.xml Nu wel is de sitemap wel zichtbaar,. Give your site's SEO a boost by creating custom WordPress sitemaps for your dynamically generated URLs, custom post types, and more. It's easy using Yoast by extending your site's sitemap index with your own registered sitemap and defined URLs.. tl;d Yoast Sitemap CLI. Yoast Sitemap CLI is a WordPress plugin which provides a WP CLI command to build and cache the root sitemap generated by Yoast. This helps avoid the performance impacts caused to large sites when Yoast attempts to build the sitemap dynamically when it is requested

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Submitted URL marked 'noindex' in Google Search Console. In the current version of Google Search Console, your site might have one or more results for this Error: Status > Index coverage > Submitted URL marked 'noindex'. This isn't necessarily an error, although if a site is not being indexed properly, this is a great place to start What I did was I went to the xml sitemap page under the SEO plugin and under user sitemap I unchecked disable user sitemap. then when I put in the sitemap into webmasters it worked successfully. I can't help you with your 500 internal error, But if you do this fresh it should work instead of using the code

[Closed] Yoast SEO sitemap and WPML URL language parameter. This is the technical support forum for WPML - the multilingual WordPress plugin. Everyone can read, but only WPML clients can post here. WPML team is replying on the forum 6 days per week, 22 hours per day [Closed] XML sitemap generated using Yoast SEO still shows old language URL's This is the technical support forum for WPML - the multilingual WordPress plugin. Everyone can read, but only WPML clients can post here The most advanced XML Sitemaps functionality at the push of a button. Full control over your site's breadcrumbs. Automatically set canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content. [Premium] support for our Yoast SEO Premium users. [Premium] the ability to expand Yoast SEO with the News SEO, Video SEO, Local SEO and WooCommerce SEO extensions Here's all you need to do to get started. First, log in to your WordPress website. Then, click Plugins from the menu on the left-hand side. After that, click Add New on the top right-hand side of the screen and type Yoast SEO. Now all that's left is to click the Install Now button and activate it. Boom

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In general, however, the sitemap Yoast generates tends to be pretty solid. Now, it's time to submit this to Google. How to Submit Your XML Sitemap to Google. Now it's time to do something valuable with your sitemap — submit it to Google. To do this, you'll need to have Google Search Console connected to your website Zo voeg je je WordPress sitemap toe aan Google Search Console: Om in te kunnen loggen bij Google Search Console dien je een Google-account te hebben. Zodra je bent ingelogd kun je op de startpagina van Search Console op de knop 'Een property toevoegen' klikken. Voer hier de URL van je website in en klik op 'Doorgaan' Reset Yoast Indexables. This is the option I recommend for fixing the issue of wrong canonical URLs from yoast. It's the safest option and works great. First off install the Yoast Test Helper Plugin. From WP Admin go to tools > Yoast Test. Click on the reset indexables tables & migrations button. Go to the yoast plugin tools by clicking SEO. When Yoast is installed sitemaps are activated by default creating an Author Archive sitemap which contains all the Author URLs complete with usernames. Hackers can use this file to gain important usernames for a website, making hacking easier by only needing to guess passwords Canonical URLs instellen kun je doen met een WordPress plugin als Yoast of Rank Math. IN DEZE HANDLEIDING:1 Wat is een Canonical URL2 Canonieke URL instellen met Yoast SEO WordPress plugin3 Canonieke URL instellen met RankMath WordPress plugin Wat is een Canonical URL Een Canonical URL is nodig om duplicate content problemen te voorkomen. Bijvoorbeeld

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First, you need to install and activate the Yoast SEO plugin. For more details, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin. Upon activation, go to SEO » General page and switch to the 'Features' tab. From here, you need to scroll down to the 'XML Sitemap' option and make sure that it is turned on Type '/wp-sitemap.xml' after your site URL. Hit enter to find your sitemap. The latest WordPress release automatically generates a sitemap for your website. First, go to the homepage of your blog. Here is my tutorial website's homepage. At the end of your homepage URL, type '/wp-sitemap.xml'. So my URL now looks like this 先日Yoast seoのバージョンアップをしましたら、 「SEO>全般>XML sitemapsの右にある「?」マークをクリックして、「See the xml sitemap」をクリックするとサイトマップ自体を確認できます。」 ということですが、404エラーが表示されます

Go to Index -> Sitemaps. Enter your WordPress sitemap URL and click Submit. Now, allow a few days for Google to process your submission and crawl your pages. If your site contains a lot of images or videos, we would highly recommend you create a sitemap for them as well nicu-dorinV: Hello, after the latest wpml update 3.3.7 , on my wordpress site hidden link, yoast sitemap generates duplicate home page url, for second language i use (english).One of the version of homepage is missing a slash , looks like this hidden link and second one is hidden link .I have everything updated and well configured

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WPSEO_Sitemaps_Renderer Class __construct Function get_index Function get_sitemap Function get_output Function get_output_charset Function set_stylesheet Function sitemap_index_url Function sitemap_url Function encode_url_rfc3986 Function get_xsl_url Functio 사이트맵 URL은 사이트 주소 끝에 /sitemap_index.xml을 추가하면 됩니다. Yoast SEO 7 이전 버전 Yoast SEO 플러그인 7.0 이전 버전을 사용하는 경우 SEO > Dashboard(알림판) > Features(기능) 로 이동한 후 Advanced settings pages(고급 설정 페이지) 기능이 Disabled(비활성화) 로 되어 있으면 Enabled(활성화) 로 바꾸도록 합니다 Update the question so it's on-topic for WordPress Development Stack Exchange. Closed 3 months ago. Improve this question. We're using wordpress for our headless CMS and the Yoast plugin to generate sitemaps. However Yoast uses the domain of the site i.e content.domain.com as the base url to generate the links on the sitemap How to Create a Yoast Sitemap One of the many great things about the Yoast SEO plugin is that it automatically generates an XML sitemap for your website. This file acts as a resume for your website. It tells the search engines how to crawl and ind..

1 | Install Yoast SEO. The easiest way to generate a sitemap is using a plugin, and I personally recommend you use Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO is more than just a content analysis tool.It has lots of amazing features, including the ability to create a sitemap for your WordPress website It is a bit strange as this is a Yoast sitemap. But I will check that and also the url. Thanks again for your help. Google user. recommended this. Original Poster. Hákon Ágústsson. marked this as an answer. Recommended based on info available

The XML sitemap created using this plugin can also includes images in the website, so the images are also better indexed in the search engines. As this plugin uses XSL Stylesheets for XML Sitemaps, the XML sitemaps are human readable making easier for readers to spot the problems. Generate XML Sitemap using Yoast SEO Plugin in WordPress Step 1 0. Gray links in your sitemap are not something for concern. They simply identify the URLs that your browser has recently visited. As this is browser specific, you may or may not see different gray URLs depending on the browser and computer you are using to view your sitemap. Details Here Yoast Sitemap not Working can be Easily Fixed. If you see this message in Google Webmaster Tools, there is no reason to go all ballistic. The Yoast sitemap not working has an easy fix. First, double check to see if you have the box checked next to Check this box to enable XML sitemap functionality in the WordPress SEO Sitemaps settings If you've been following my WordPress fast stack guides, you'll know I'm a big fan of nginx for the speed and scalability it provides. Some of you asked how to configure nginx with that stack guide to work with Yoast SEO sitemaps. The guide below covers our stacks, but will also work for any nginx [

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In Yoast staat sitemap op JA ingesteld en daar kan ik ook de sitemap opvragen en zien. Echter bij meerdere SEO testen van de website krijg ik de melding van dat de url van de sitemap in de robots.txt ontbreekt Ce tutoriel sur le fichier Sitemaps XML de Yoast étant terminé, vous avez la possibilité de continuer la configuration complète du plugin en ajoutant un fil d'Ariane. Sitemap XML de Yoast SEO : Tutoriel et explications dernierement modifie: 5 février 2018 par Xavier Deloffre In the meantime though, instead of disabling the cache, is there a way to tell Yoast to explicitly re-build the sitemap? - cag8f Oct 10 '18 at 13:23 OK thanks for that. I added the cache disabling code, re-loaded the post sitemap page, and then my hook fired as expected One of my Covered Web Services clients recently came to me with a problem: Yoast SEO sitemaps were broken on their largest, highest-traffic WordPress site. Yoast SEO breaks your sitemap up into chunks. On this site, the individual chunks were loading, but the sitemap index (its table of contents) would not load, and was givin

My solution was to combine the wpseo_xml_sitemap_post_url and wpseo_sitemap_url filters (Thanks for the latter one @Twansparant) and set the order correctly.The first filter uses the post object to determine the type set urls accordingly and the second filter does the replace of headless cms url to frontend url Yoast Sitemap Remove Lastmod, Stylesheet, etc. The site I've been working on has a lot of page templates, and Yoast doesn't properly handle adding lastmod values to the sitemap it generates. Google says they look at lastmod values, but only when they're accurate. I could have probably spent time ensuring the values were accurate by checking for.

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Attention: Sitemaps moved in Yoast as of version 7: read here: https://yoast.com/yoast-seo-7-/ Learn how easy it can be to add an XML Sitemap to your WordPr.. 4. Find your sitemap URL. If you're using the Yoast SEO plugin, you can find your sitemap URL by going to your WordPress admin panel, and navigating to the SEO > Features tab, and then finding the toggle section on XML Sitemaps. If the toggle is set to On, click on the tooltip question mark, and a link will show up for your sitemap Yoast SEO makes it easy to set up Bing Webmaster Tools. You submit your website's URL and sitemap URL. You then bring back the verification key to your Yoast SEO Webmaster Tools section (under SEO > Webmaster tools tab, in your WordPress admin area) Yoast SEO XML Sitemap Not Showing in WordPress Dashboard? Find out where the XML Sitemap link is https:. WordPress sitemap URL | WordPress Google Sitemap | sitemap WordPress yoast | WordPress Google Sitemap | xml sitemap generator | WordPress sitemap | yoast seo sitemap | yoast seo sitemap. Today I will tell you how you can submit an XML sitemap of your WordPress website in the Google search console

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Yoast SEO plugin is one such plugin I highly use and recommend. Thanks for sharing the tutorial, it really helps newbie to set it up in no time. Like Bican asked, it is recommended to use Yoast Sitemap over Google XML sitemaps? Using Yoast XML sitemap feature though. Waiting for your answe do you use google xml sitemaps plugin to generate an additional sitemap? i use yoast seo currently and i'm looking for a way to generate an additional sitemap that has https url's in it. apparently this is not possible with yoast

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transponeren is een uitstekende gratis vertaalplugin voor WordPress.Ook YOAST SEO is een uitstekende SEO-plug-in voor WordPress. Maar er is een incompatibiliteitsprobleem met elkaar wanneer YOAST-sitemapbestanden worden geproduceerd. Het probleem is dat YOAST de door Transposh geproduceerde pagina's niet ziet en ze niet toevoegt aan sitemap_index.xml A single XML sitemap is restricted to 50,000 URLs, so in case your web site has greater than 50,000 posts, for instance, you'll want two separate ones for the put up URLs, successfully including a second index sitemap. The Yoast search engine optimization plugin units the restrict even decrease - at 1.000 URLs - to maintain your sitemap.

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Free Online Google Sitemap Generator. XML-sitemaps.com provides free online sitemap generator service, creating an XML sitemap that can be submitted to Google, Bing and other search engines to help them crawl your website better. It will also generate an HTML site map to allow your website visitors to navigate easier Start with a hypothesis, and split your product pages into different XML sitemaps to test those hypotheses. You can do several at once — nothing wrong with having a URL exist in multiple sitemaps. You might start with 3 theories: Pages that don't have a product image aren't getting indexe Yoast SEO Meta Box: Because I will completely disable the URLs of the attachments, I don't need this feature and will just set this option to Hide. D. Taxonomies Under this section, you will find the options for setting the titles, meta descriptions, meta robots, and the Yoast meta box visibility for the categories, tags, post formats and every other post type registered by your theme.

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  1. wpseo_sitemap_url хук-фильтр . Yoast 1.0. Filters the output for the sitemap URL tag
  2. Yoast SEO zit boordevol functies, ontworpen om bezoekers en zoekmachines te helpen het meeste uit je site te halen. Enkele van onze favorieten zijn: Geautomatiseerde technische SEO verbeteringen, zoals canonieke URL's en metatags. Geavanceerde XML sitemaps; waardoor Google de structuur van je site gemakkelijk kan begrijpen
  3. Tạo XML sitemaps cho website WordPress. 1. Đầu tiên, các bạn cần phải cài đặt và kích hoạt plugin Yoast SEO từ kho plugin của WordPress.org ( download ). 2. Tiếp theo, truy cập vào SEO => General => Features. Chuyển mục XML sitemaps sang trạng thái On để kích hoạt tính năng tạo sitemaps. Click vào.
  4. We don't see a way to specify anywhere in Yoast's options to correct this behaviour for page 2, 3, etc. Yoast allows you to override a page's canonical URL, otherwise it automatically uses the Wordpress permalink
  5. In addition, all URLs (including the URL of your sitemap) must be encoded for readability by the web server on which they are located and URL-escaped. However, if you are using any sort of script, tool, or log file to generate your URLs (anything except typing them in by hand), this is usually already done for you
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This is for those of you who have set up a Google Webmasters account and would like to submit your Yoast XML sitemap there. Step 1 - Use the steps on the previous page to open and check that your xml sitemap has been generated on your website.. Step 2 - Highlight sitemap_index.xml in the page url and copy it to your clipboard as shown below Login - MyYoast. Welcome back! Log in with your email address and password. If you don't remember your password, just reset it! Email address. Password NEW UPDATED YOAST TUTORIAL HERE (OCTOBER 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihymaUI1ErY&t=192sLEARN HOW TO MAKE A WORDPRESS WEBSITE FOR 2019 HERE -- https.. Yoast SEO es un versátil plugin de WordPress para SEO todo en uno que ofrece muchas herramientas y características de SEO, pero, desde el punto de vista de la usabilidad, creo que Google XML Sitemaps es la mejor solución para la mayoría de los usuarios de WordPress porque simplifica la tarea de añadir URLs externas y cambiar la frecuencia y la prioridad del contenido WPSEO_Sitemaps_Renderer::sitemap_url() public Yoast 1.0 Build the <url> tag for a given URL.. Public access for backwards compatibility reasons. {} Это метод класса: WPSEO_Sitemaps_Renderer{ Submit Your Sitemap To Google. To submit your sitemap to your Google Search Console account. Then, go to Index → Sitemaps in the sidebar. If you already submitted your sitemap, you'll see a list of Submitted Sitemaps on this page: Either way, to submit your sitemap, enter your sitemap's URL into this field